Premiered April 2017 - Richmond Choreographic Performance


Premiered March 2016 - Rialto Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA

Dance Canvas' Emerging Choreographer Initiative


Premiered April 2015 - Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, GA

meadow by a train

Premiered September 2013 with Braided Light Dance Project, Jacksonville, FL

March 2014 - Modern Atlanta Dance Festival

September 2014 - NYC 10 Dance Festival

empty white room

Premiered February 2013 - Jacksonville, FL

May 2013 - New Grounds Dance Festival, Tampa, FL






sweet tooth

Premiered August 2014 at the Detroit Dance City Festival

September 2014 - ECD re-staged sweet tooth on the Virginia Repertory Dance Company

December 2014 - guest performance at Oxford College's Dance Concert, Atlanta, GA